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Handling a viral tweet and how you can benefit from it

A viral tweet, a dream of every twitter user. It gives a great feeling, this article gives you some of the tips to help you benefit from such a great moment.

It's quite tricky to define what a viral tweet is, therefore in this article a viral tweet refers to a tweet with a performance that is enough to pump you up. It depends on an account, for some accounts, a viral tweet is a tweet that is performing or has performed well and is likely to reach or has reached thousands of likes but for some accounts, a tweet with hundred likes or even less is viral tweet.

Here is how you can benefit from a viral tweet and how to achieve it:

  • Increasing your following
  • Promoting your other social media accounts
  • Promoting your business
  • Promoting your blog

Increasing your following

  • Putting your profile in order

Whenever one of your tweets goes viral people will start following you, notifications will blow up and you can start panicking. Some thoughts will suggest you post more content or turning off your notifications. If you ever go through this you need to hold your horses. When you get a viral tweet people will visit your profile therefore you need to put your profile in order. Update your profile to make it look interesting, it is a good idea to make your profile relate to your viral tweet so that people can relate to both your tweet and your profile.

Update your header if it is not looking good. Put a link to your blog or website on your profile in order to look legit. A nice profile will attract people visiting your profile and they are likely to follow you.

  • Show people your best tweets

Stop retweeting a lot of stuff especially tweets that do not relate to your viral tweet or profile. People visiting your profile will check what you have tweeted recently, therefore, make it easy and avoid wasting their time. It is a good idea to retweet a few of your tweets that have performed well recently. Pin one of your best tweets to your profile, people like following users who get a lot of impressions. There is no need for you to pin the currently well-performing tweet, people visiting your profile are already aware of it.

Never beg to be followed that's a turn-off, people don't follow you because you told them to, they follow you because they are interested in your content. Many people make this mistake by replying to a viral tweet with a tweet that says, "follow me". Instead, you can reply to your viral tweet with your best tweet or a link to your recent tweets(twitter usually picks the best ones). You can achieve this as follows: Check out some of my tweets then add a link to the same reply as follows:

An example, of how this works, this link will direct you to my tweets excluding replies.

Promoting your other social media accounts

Whenever one of your tweets starts going viral, make use of it to promote your other social media accounts like your youtube channel or Instagram account. You can easily achieve this by replying to the tweet with a link to the social media account that you want to promote. Do not reply with the link only, add some text for example: "check out my youtube channel" then add a link to the same reply. You can also use this technique to promote your friend's twitter or social media account.

Promoting your business

Never let your viral tweet be pointless, a viral tweet is a way of marketing yourself or business for free. You will be surprised that some people will be interested in your products or services. All you need to do is to reply to your tweet showing what you do or your business website. Adding some pictures, if you make music add a link to your SoundCloud if you have an account.

Promoting your blog

A viral tweet is a chance for you to drive traffic to your blog. Just like promoting your business or social media, you can also reply with your favorite blog post or a link to the whole blog.

This does not apply to your tweets only, but you can also do the same using someone else's viral tweet. It sounds lame but why not do it if you can benefit from it.

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