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6 Tools to write an eye-catching article

Hello beautiful bloggers πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’», below I will be sharing the list of tools that I make use while writing an article.

1. Carbon

Link :

Most of the technical articles you will probably write will come with code fragments attached to them, and readers will not find it too easy and attractive to view codes as plain text, carbon allows us to make an image of our code snippets and can be downloaded as PNG or SVG for use as an attachment in our blog post.

carbon (1).png

2. Grammarly


We are humans after all, which means we cannot notice all the errors in our articles before publications, but Grammarly can help identify typographical errors and provide suggestions on how to improve our sentences.

My favorite Grammarly feature is the emoji prediction, which shows how the whole article will sound to the readers, I found this to be useful as it helps to adjust and be within the desired prediction.

I am a big fan of emoji


3. BrowserFrame


No doubts, images add to the beaut of an article when they are used properly, browser frames consist of both mobile and desktop browser frames to present the images better on articles.




frame_generic_dark (20).png

4. Ray


Ray is my second goto after carbon, ray features include, linear-gradient background for code snippets and also provide a share link for the generated images.

I found this to be really cool 😎


5. Canva


Most of my blog cover images are made using canva, canva has several free design templates for both presentation and article cover images.

6. Google Gifs

Link: google anything gif πŸ˜›

200 (1).gif

I personally enjoy adding gifs to my articles, I believe technical articles should not be boring.

I think you might want to add some to your next article😍, you can get your preferred gif by visiting google and searching say "laughing coding gifs"

frame_generic_dark (21).png

@Danny Thompson is also rocking some gif too🀩

tenor (2).gif

And that's it for this article, I hope you have learned something new from this article, feel free to share your favorite tools in the comment section and which of the above tools is actually new to you.

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Top comments (4)

pgradot profile image
Pierre Gradot

Let's try Grammarly!

I am not super fan of Carbon and similar tools. On platform such as, code rendering is nice. Directly adding text to the article is easier, the article is lighter to download and more responsive. And user can copy/paste the code.

I would use such tools only them the blogging plaform doesn't provide such rendering. But maybe this platform is not right for me...

unclebigbay profile image

I agree to that, you can also use carbon or the later, when you are sharing code on social media then. it will still be handy when sharing code snippets with others to view.

rdentato profile image
Remo Dentato

Grammarly is really useful but I can't make it work here on
I could write the article in another editor and copy paste here ... not going to happen.

Too bad for me :(

unclebigbay profile image

Didn't noticed that, as I published my article first on my hashnode blog then cross post it here, with a canonical link of course.