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Top ten tips for studying for Security+ exam in 2020

This is my first post!

I'm studying for the Security+ exam.

Here are my top ten recommendations for anyone studying:

  1. Study with a group. Life events have a way of always happening, and a group is a good way to stay on track, be encouraged, and have people around you with the same goals.
  2. Food matters. Take care with what you eat, especially while studying. Things to keep in mind with food really range from blood sugar crashes to messy food getting on a laptop.
  3. Sleep matters too! You can't add much to a tired brain. Sleep helps you learn.
  4. Write as you go- this is a good way to remember what you're reading or seeing on video.
  5. Especially write down new terms!!!
  6. Track your progress. There will always be more to learn, it's good to be able to see how much you've done so far
  7. Take breaks- brains learn better when you take breaks and review the material again. I liked this post for ideas on what types of breaks are especially useful
  8. Learn in different formats. Read, watch videos, explain a term to someone else, draw a concept, the important thing is to keep using your brain as you go
  9. Ask for help (and say thank you when you get it!) There are lots of helpful people around who will share their knowledge. Asking for help gives them a chance to help you- which is voluntary, so make sure to say thank you.
  10. Say thank you to yourself. There is so much to learn, and there will always be more to learn- that's a guarantee! Don't beat yourself up if you're not as far along as you want to be. Say thank you to yourself for taking the time to study.

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