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MERN VS Python Question

upperleftmanny profile image Manny Baez ・1 min read

Hi! Manny here. 1st post! Currently a nurse which a dream of changing careers to dev! Currently in a bootcamp and in week 4. Loving it so far.

If you had to choose between Python and MERN, which would you choose and why?

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Fernando B πŸš€

Hey there welcome, the question is a bit hard to answer. What you really asking is like asking why do like oranges vs fish.

Python is a general programming language that excels in several areas due to its easy syntax, but python doesn't really have much use for front end. You can use it for backend with flask or django, but if you're learning javascript it just makes sense to also use javascript on the backend.

MERN, is Mongo Express React Node, from those four Mongo is database backend, Express a node module for server applications, React a ui library, and node is what drives this with javascript.

If you're going for web dev I would probably focus on MERN, and then later on at some point pick up python as it really is a nice language to have in your skill set.

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Upkar Lidder

Python is a language and MERN is a stack made up of various components in JavaScript. In my experience, you generally pick tools based on preference/experience of the team and not solely on what's hot or even performance. Sometimes, the rest of the project might dictate what you use to build your portion of the solution.

The goal is to build a technical solution or tool to solve a problem. Most of the popular languages and frameworks will get you there. Don't get stuck up on picking a language/framework. If you are new to coding, pick one and run with it. Of course, front end will require JS/HTML/CSS and Data Science might focus more on Python/R/Julia, etc.