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Terminal and Team

Hi folks,

we are trying to make the terminal experience more collaborative with a focus on remote teams.

We are still pinpointing what is the most important part, so a little collaboration with you folks would really help us.

The questions we want to ask are:

  • What is the most painful thing about using terminals for you?
  • Does your whole team have the same terminal and shell setup?
  • How do you keep programs versions in-sync across the team?
  • Have you built an internal CLI tool?
  • Is there a set of commands that the whole team uses?
  • How do you educate new hires about all these things?
  • Have you ever screen-shared your terminal while working remotely?

So far we have created the Sidekick app that lets you connect to your teammates' terminal sessions with 1-click.

We are grateful for any answers and ideas you will give us.

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