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Brian Christner
Brian Christner

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The Work From Home List

We are a passionate group of Work From Home (WFH) and remote workers. So we decided to create a list of our favorite tools both hardware and software into a Work From Home List. This list is open to contributions and voting. From idea to launch under a week.

The 56K.Cloud team had a meeting last week discussing how many customers/people still don't know where to find tools for Working From Home (WFH). During the meeting, we created an MVP list of features, what framework to use, and launched in less than one week. From idea to launch in under a week.

We plan to continue adding features but first wanted feedback from the community. The current list of products is open for contribution. Our objective was to deliver the first iteration with little coding or effort and launch and get feedback as soon as possible.

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Chintan Dhandhusariya • Edited

Liked the idea of accumulating all the tools at one place for more productive work from home. Thanks for doing this!
However, it'd be great if you could add more tools under productivity as I think maintaining productivity and avoiding burnout is one of the major challenges for (especially new) people working from home.

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Brian Christner

Thanks for your message. Great idea, you can suggest new tools directly through the or let me know here and I can add them as well. Thanks for the input.