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re: Coding boot camps are an epidemic that must stop or change how they're approaching this! They are created by people who're capitalizing on the help...

I think perhaps you might be asking too much of bootcamps and bootcamps graduates. The goal isn’t to produce programmers ready to architect some complex accounting system. They’re not even going to be expected to create large-scale react apps. The end goal is for them to contribute meaningfully on a development team.

I’m glad they don’t spend more than a week on React. What happens if the perfect entry level job for them is a vue shop? Frameworks will change like the seasons, but the process of learning and growing is like time always marching on.

If they learn how to read documentation, how to be curious and how to ask good technical questions then the bootcamp has done their job. The rest can be taught on site in my opinion.


I have very low expectations of someone coming out of a boot camp. That's not to say that they can't be good. It's just that these programs are not geared towards teaching them meaningful skills. Most of them have just been taught how to Google literally. I don't think anyone should be paying 12k for something like that. You can get way better content on YouTube and Udemy.

If you want to teach them how to be curious and ask good questions, you start with the fundamentals and cultivate a self-learning mentality. There's no substitute for basics. Why is anyone even doing React in their first 12 weeks? On top of that, you want them to go through Vue and Angular and Backbone - many of my students have. That's a recipe for disaster. You're not teaching them anything by trying to show them so many frameworks. Besides, learning to program is not the same thing as learning a framework.

I'd rather they learn one thing well. Then, they're able to pick up the next thing systematically. If the perfect entry-level job is a Vue shop, I'd rather they know Javascript very well than having a preview of everything under the sun.

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