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How to ace zsh's villain on vscode

It's another graceful coding day, but all of a sudden the zsh's villain attacks on vscode and pops up a toast message with the temorous error:

The terminal process failed to launch: Path to shell executable "zsh" is not a file of a symlink 😱

villain gif
And zsh never works again on vscode's integrated terminal 😢

But don't fear my lil locust, everything has a happy ending!

happy final
To solve this error you just need to open your user settings with CTRL + SHIFT + P and search for Open User Settings then search for Terminal Settings after that click on Edit in settings.json and finnaly add these lines into your json

"terminal.integrated.profiles.linux": {
    "bash": {
      "path": "bash"
    "zsh": {
      "path": "/usr/bin/zsh"
"terminal.integrated.defaultProfile.linux": "zsh",
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If you don't know your zsh path, just open your terminal CTRL + T and execute this command which zsh then you will see your zsh's path.


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Kevin Willian

Você simplesmente salvou um dia!!
Muito obrigado, não achava a solução desse problema em lugar algum!!!

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Marcos Henrique

Fico feliz em ajudar manoooo, sofri pra desenrolar isso rs

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César Machado

Muito obrigado. salvo.