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Animate.css v4 Update!

Big announcement everyone, Animate.css v4 is finally released today!

Wait, what is Animate.css?

Animate.css is a library of ready-to-use, cross-browser animations for use in your web projects. Great for emphasis, home pages, sliders, and attention-guiding hints.

What's New?

In one word, "Many" in terms of new animations and improvements (a new website too). Also, be careful with this update... it has some breaking changes!

"Animate.css v4 brought some breaking changes, please refer to the migration guide before updating from v3.x and under."

You can read the migration guide here:

For the complete list of changelogs please go here:

AnimateCSS as Organization

You read it right, Dan Eden the creator of animate.css decides to move the project into organization to keep the project alive. You can visit the official github organization profile of animate.css here.

New Website + Documentation

Alt Text

The website looks great now... agree? We combine the animation preview and documentation in one place so users can easily pick an animation and read the usage at the same time.

Official Announcement

Alt Text

I'm glad to be part of this project for the last 2 years... and keeping it alive!

The project is now 9 years old... cheers!

Let me know in the comments below what you think about this huge update...

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