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Very well said @helenanders26 ! The "You are not starting from zero" section is powerful. I see many folks that are very hesitant to get into tech because they are not an "expert". I argue to them that they are. They have a unique background. They are the only ones who can combine their own unique skills and experiences with tech to create something.


I agree, that section was so important to read, especially as a beginner. It took some time to change my perspective on this, but now I view my past work experience as a strength and I can tell that my previous experiences are constantly coming into play as I am learning to code. Everything is cumulative and connected in a wonderful way.


When I worked for a bootcamp, some of the best students / candidates were career switchers. A lot of them had amassed skills that are basically impossible to learn in a short time, unlike various tech skills ... communication, diligence, conscientiousness etc.

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