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Archive subdomains for web application

What is your question/issue?

So I am building an application with Node. It's a consignment sort of an application and I want each user that registered acquires a subdomain. - root domain - when a user creates an account

What technologies are you using?

I am using Nodejs for the API and React as the UI.

What were you expecting to happen?

I just need an idea or resources to achieve new user, a new subdomain

What is actually happening?

I haven't tried out anything yet.

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Tricky Lonely

First you need create an wilcard "*" "A" record for your "", and use headers from request data to get "Host" "" when user visit the page.

Browser -> "" -> Server -> Request header "Host" -> Output

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Wachira • Edited

@trickymast3r What about SSL certs? do I have to generate a new one for each subdomain