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Nevertheless, Minja coded

whatminjacodes profile image whatminjacodes [she/they] ・2 min read

After starting as an intern at the same time as couple male software developer students, she was the one taking care of the office. She vacuumed and collected coffee cups, not because she wanted, but because she was asked to do that. Nevertheless, Minja also coded.

After joining meetings, she was assumed to take notes every time and sharing them after the meeting. When this didn't happen, she was told she should do a better job and concentrate more during meetings. Nevertheless, Minja coded.

After starting at a new job, she got the same pay as male software developer students who started at the same time, even though she already had work experience. This made her feel like she hadn't really learned anything yet, and thought she was unworthy. Nevertheless, Minja coded.

After she hadn't been taken seriously because of her looks, she stopped being herself. She stopped wearing cute hair accessories, she stopped wearing dresses and anything colorful. She stopped being the happy, joyful self for a long time. Nevertheless, Minja coded.

After having been approached inappropriately during afterwork, she felt she was the one that had done something wrong and never talked about what had happened. Nevertheless, Minja coded.

And will continue to code.

Will continue to be herself even if someone might think she's not to be taken seriously.

Will continue to challenge the biases and stereotypes and will be loud so others who start a career in tech after her wouldn't need to be.

Will expose all the inappropriate behavior she encounters and will take action if she notices unfair behavior towards someone else.

But most importantly, Minja will continue to code.

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Senja Jarva

Really important post, thank you Minja for sharing your experiences ❤️
After reading this, I'm heartbroken, but also at the same time, I am so happy, proud and empowered by the fact that you continued and still continue to code.

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Jane Tracy 👩🏽‍💻

You are so strong, sorry for your toxic working environment. I hope things will be better soon.
Keep pushing and fighting for your dreams. 💜

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whatminjacodes [she/they] Author

Thanks a lot! Luckily I have found a place to work where these things doesn't happen anymore :)

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erica (she/her)

Well written, and well said!

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Thor Galle

Wow, thanks for writing! A good eye-opener. And happy coding! :)

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