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W. Lee Pang, PhD
W. Lee Pang, PhD

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Introducing myself

Hi there! My name is Lee and I’m starting a new role as a Principal Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS) on our HealthAI services team. I’ve had several roles at AWS like a Technical Business Developer, a Specialist Solutions Architect, and a Product Manager. All of them filled with interesting and fun challenges to solve on behalf of AWS customers.

Like several of my developer advocate colleagues, I want to help developers make the best use of the cloud. In particular, I want to do this for the bioinformatics and genomics community. There is so much genomics data being generated in the world - analyzing it at scale in the cloud is how we’re going to make sense of it all.

Working at AWS has been an exciting journey filled with an incredible amount of learning, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. As a developer advocate, I’m expecting to learn a lot from the bioinformatics and genomics community about what works well and how things can be improved. Everything I learn, I plan to share here.

I’ve got lots of ideas and projects I’m working on, from how to use new AWS products and services for genomics, to highlighting cool bioinformatics tools that work well in the cloud. First in the queue is how to profile workflows using the Amazon Genomics CLI. I hope you enjoy it, and am looking forward having you dive in with me for what comes next!

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Edward Tam

Hi Pang! I am genuinely curious about your experience as a developer advocate at AWS vs other companies at different scale. Do you see any challenges specifically to AWS that are different than other environments?

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W. Lee Pang, PhD

Hi Edward - I'm just getting started with my developer advocacy program. There are many developer advocates at AWS and each have their own spin on the role. There is a reasonable amount of freedom to shape one's developer advocacy. What's probably most different about being a DA at AWS relative to other places is the amount of resources you have to learn from.