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Create a log service with PHP and Clickhouse [Part 2]

With Vector taking care of mining and shipping our logs, we need a place to store all these logs.

I built this logging service for simple and quick debugging and alerting for dev team. My goals are: fast and cheap. The log service can fail and it's okie to fail and get restarted again quickly.

I came up with the following table schema for my log (I want it to be as generic as possible to store logs from different sources)

        instance_id String,
        node_id String,
        project_id String,    
        app_name String, 
        app_version String,
        client_ip String,            
        log_level String,
        log_message String,
        log_code Int32,
        log_context String,        
        log_created_timestamp UInt32,
        log_time DateTime,
        log_date Date DEFAULT toDate(log_time)               
    ENGINE = MergeTree()
    PARTITION BY toYYYYMM(log_date)
    TTL log_date + INTERVAL 1 Week
    ORDER BY (project_id, log_created_timestamp)

There are several things I would like to point out:

  1. I don't care about old logs, for now, so I decided that logs older than 1 week can be deleted.
  2. I want logs to always be listed by created date (newest logs first).
  3. I want to filter by certain criteria (to group logs by application, client, etc)
  4. I'm a Clickhouse newbie, and I'm still figuring things out. I secretly hope that someone will look at the table schema and point out improvements that I can do.

In the beginning, I logged error logs as well as access logs, and the number of records quickly reach billions after just a few days. The good thing is that the log service still runs surprisingly well on a rather small server instance (CPU: 2 vCore RAM: 4096 MB Storage: 80 GB SSD). The bad thing is that listing keeps timing out. I later found out that I didn't set up correct indexes for my table (you really really must setup indexes for the columns you want to filter and order by).

Next time I will show how I handle the logs using PHP.

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Csaba Kissi

Nice post. Will you continue this series?