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Axiosfit, a cool way to organize your HTTP client requests

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Nowadays, all the developers have had to build applications that need communication with other applications or services even more important if you are in a microservices architecture. Depending on how much communications you have had to use, the big amount of endpoints that would be needed to handle could turn into a big headache.

The main purpose of Axiosfit is giving you a pill to minimize this headache 😜 and helping you to manage all of these endpoints in an organized way.

What is Axiosfit?

Axiosfit is the first component of YggdrasilTS tool set and, like its README sais, it is a project inspired by Retrofit to create declarative HTTP clients using axios, one of the most popular libraries used in Javascript.

It has been thought to be used inside TypeScript projects, both worlds, frontend and backend, and it helps you to have your HTTP clients organized.

Since it is developed in TypeScript, all of its main features are a set of Decorators that make easy to configure your HTTP clients to interact with different APIs.

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