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Cesar Melchor
Cesar Melchor

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Hello, World!

Hi everyone my name is Cesar.

I will be creating my blog and just writing about my development journey, tips and tricks, hacks. Anything that interests me in the development world.

About Me

I got my Computer Science degree from California State University Long Beach 2017. I started coding my first year of college. I was surprised to learn that many of my peers had some type of coding class in high school and have had coding experience already. I felt behind. I felt like I had put in the hours to finish my difficult projects and to understand the complexity of some of the assignments. It was all new to me. I did not know what errors meant and did not know what to Google aside from copying the error. It was a challenge, but I had fun with the challenges. If a challenge is to easy then I just move and decide to do something else, but coding was not that.

My favorite project that I did for school was developing a clone chess game from scratch in C#(WPF). It has basically a clone from the board in (move restrictions, available square, undo moves). We also had to use the Minmax algorithm to develop a computer opponent. We had to pass over 500 test that the class had created. Definitely, one of the most challenging projects I had ever done up to that point, but one of the most fun.

During my senior year, I got an internship and later went on to get hired full time. I have been there for 3 years and have collaborated with the team to build 2 internal applications for our operations team to use.

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