Developers should have two minds, technical mind and business mind.

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The problem i want to talk about in this post that we consider our minds should have one direction or thought, and this direction must be technical, we don’t have to think of how to ‘sell’ our technical minds? or their products? – this is the Goal.

One time, i followed @curiositydotcom account on instagram, i liked them but i didn’t have time to see all the ‘old’ pics, so i created a tool in python to download all pics from pic0 to the latest to see them in my free time without internet access, even though i was know little about python the code worked and i did it. In a few months later i found a job ‘scraping pics from public instagram account’ for 30$, i never for a moment imagined that this little and tiny tool costs 30$ or 540L.E, because i have just one mind only the technical mind.

The life on Facebook or LinkedIn looks like the flood, the water (posts) leads you, make you see only one direction you can’t look at right, left or even back, none can stand and rethinking about the way. The companies’ owners need developers and each developer need to know all the requirements much more the others to be the idealist, he can be the idealist for years but in the fact he just a robot or a tool not a responsible, in my opinion developers should be leaders in technical industry, the technical mind is great with business mind in a same head not under another business mind in another head. i didn’t point to start your career as a business man, or build your startup in your beginnings, i mean you should grow your mind in business trend as you growing it in technical field. this will help in the future i’m sure.

I know plenty of students can write good projects in more than 3 programming languages like C++, C#, Python, JS, Java, Matlab, php, but they can’t get money from their knowledge. i’ll talk about myself as an example, i wrote code – not all projects included – in C#, python, JS, C++, Assembly X86, Matlab and (HTML & CSS) i can write code whatever the language, whatever the topic, but my business mind doesn’t give me a good job and if he gave it to me he wouldn’t help me anymore. i have experience in this, in the last summer i got intern in one of startups as front-end developer, in my first two weeks i didn’t know what should i do? what are the tasks? but my head told me the tasks should passed to me ‘from the heaven maybe’, on my office the co-founder or the technical co-founder you can call him the CTO saw me working on a personal small project, he asked me what is going on in your intern? i replied i have no tasks for now. this is the first mistake from me and i guess from my mentor how can i spent two weeks with no clearly tasks to do? it’s not a joke. when i got the tasks, i faced two options Should i deliver them in a good code and design? or just do it fast as i can? my technical mind drew The flash (superhero) on my screen, and i fall in my second big mistake.

Everyone will lead you to achieve his work (except your mom) the same for minds your technical mind can guide you to learning smalltalk 😀 the second most loved programming language, but your business mind can guide you to learning python the first wanted programming language and the sixest in the most loved list, your technical mind can help you doing great projects in a folder on your personal hard drive but your business mind can help you doing same good projects in folders on +1000 PCs, technical minds ‘establish’ connections with the devices, business minds ‘make’ connections with people, and you need the two connections.

We’re not beta-geeks, developers are small companies we’re not ‘supervised learners’ we’re not robots we have souls, heart, blood, emotions (not emojis) and minds (two, okay?) i reminded myself with you.

Competition is a very silly lie, you can get glasses to see, and you can compete to be blind, competition is a magic you’ll love, admire and feel success but on others not on your goals.

you can share your thoughts with me, feel free to ask.

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Thanks for your story, Zeyad! You approached this topic from a different point of view than I would have, but it was still interesting!

Anyways here are my two cents about this topic:
As I have a major of business administration and management and decide to be a frontend developer, I found myself in a position at my workplace that I want to oversee the overall strategy of the company. I’d like to take part in the vision building and company mission declaration.
In addition to these, here are a few things that should help you build that business mind of yours based on my experience:

  • Have a need to meet customers of your product! You’re going find lots of valuable information along the way. After that I’ll be much easier picking between feature requests.
  • Have an eye on the processes and people around you at your workplace! If you see something doesn’t add up let’s say at the marketing team, be the person who helps that team. If they are stuck with something, and you see immediately the solution for that problem, share with them!

These are the people, who aren’t just coders, but thinking developers.
Your actions going to be greatly appreciated by your coworkers if you follow these little tips!

Have a great day!



Hello Kristof, Happy to hear from you :)


Ideally one should work to integrate the technical and business aspects into a single mind. It's better to pursue those directions that manage to satisfy both aspects. You'll end up happier and more committed to the project.