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Recommend an iOS SSH tool-iTerminal Pro

Programmers often need to connect and manage remote servers to deal with various problems. Sitting at the desk and staring at the computer is our normal working status, but when we are out or off work, we encounter problems that need to be dealt with in time. How to deal with it? Have you ever thought that you can remotely connect and manage your server anytime and anywhere with just a mobile phone or a tablet? Now I recommend a powerful iOS version of SSH and Telnet client.
iTerminal Pro is a powerful SSH and Telnet client on iPhone/iPad, through which you can connect and manage remote servers. You can use your mobile phone to troubleshoot online problems at any time on the subway and bus. The programmer only needs a mobile phone to solve it.

Download link:

-Use SSH to connect to the server, support the use of username/password authentication and key authentication.
-Support private key management, support PEM (RSA (PKCS#1), PKCS#8, DSA (OpenSSL), ECDSA) and PPK (RSA (PKCS#1), DSA (OpenSSL), ECDSA, ED25519) keys.
-Supports importing keys from Wifi or file management transmission, safer and more convenient importing keys from computer.
-Support multi-level proxy server function, which can connect to the server through the springboard.
-Support local port forwarding or forwarding through a proxy server. For example, by forwarding the Jenkins server, the phone can directly access the Jenkins website, so that you can debug with the phone.
-Start (run) saved commands/scripts when the connection is started.
-Support different theme terminals, various classic themes such as Grass, Homebrew, Man Page, etc.
-Support terminal screen copy/paste and easy text selection.
-Support SFTP

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