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Bypass Transparent DNS Proxy

Since some days ago, I can not update my Devuan box. The error is "Temporary failure in name resolution". This is strange provided that Brave Browser can access Later, I figured out that my ISP (Indihome - uses transparent DNS proxy and Brave Browser has Secure DNS (also known as DNS Over HTTPS) so I can access from Brave Browser, but I can not access from command line.

This is why eventhough I use in my /etc/resolv.conf, all request to DNS server is intercepted by them and then the request will be directed to ISP for whatever they want. This is unacceptable behaviour but well, complaints won't be heard, so I choose to use DNS over https.

I search for tools and found dns-over-https. This tool uses Go (1.13 or newer) so it's not a big deal for me since I already use Go. Just clone the repo and compile and then execute doh-client (Go should be available on your system):

$ git clone
$ cd dns-over-https
$ make
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I don't use systemd, So just go to doh-client and run it:

$ cd doh-client
$ ./doh-client
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Change /etc/resolv.conf to use as nameserver:

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Then I can use apt from shell like before.

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