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Angry Birds - like Physics game in 15 minutes with ZIM!

We have made an Angry Birds type game in 15 minutes at 66% the size of P5js and MatterJS. Here is the example

// here is a circle that will fall to the ground:

new Circle().center().addPhysics();

// amazing! 
// Or we can start with physics to set gravity, borders, etc.

const physics = new Physics();
// and drag things in physics
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The YouTube videos for the Code in Five Minutes series are here:

If you have not checked out the Canvas recently - you simply must! Here is the ZIM Dev Site and some In-depth Guides by Dr Abstract including Your Guide to Coding Creativity on the Canvas.

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Dr Abstract

Sorry - we originally posted the the first video twice! Now that is adjusted to show the third video in the series - thanks @yalondpsi!

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Karel Rosseel

I made myself a real Angry Birds game : look on and the playing game
Thanks Mister Dan Zen alias Dr. Abstract