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Others are doing great covering the actual practical reasons, which inevitably apply to some situations and not others. What applies universally is the psychology part of it, e.g.:

  • it's a shiny new toy (many of us fell in love with programming because of the joy of learning new concepts)
  • popularity is a positive feedback loop (gee, I'd better try to do something with FP because everyone seems to be talking about it)
  • egotistical programmers love explaining arcane concepts to all the plebs who've never heard of them (do you have a few minutes to talk about our Lord and Savior the Maybe Monad?)
  • those same egotistical programmers have convinced a fair number of people that it's a magical solution to all bugs (there's no side effects! sometimes side effects are accidental and cause bugs! remove all the side effects and there won't be any more bugs!)
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