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Discussion on: What is Clojure(/Script)'s best first run and tooling experience?

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Joe Clay

Figwheel seems to be the most popular solution for ClojureScript hot reloading. Using that in combination with the Figwheel Leiningen template should give you something decently close to create-elm-app.

Disclaimer - not a ClojureScript programmer, just bored and thought I'd help research :p

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Kasey Speakman Author • Edited

Thanks for mentioning that. I saw Figwheel, and I was also looking at Re-frame since it seems Elm-like. (I far prefer functional MVU over component-based React.) Thanks to your suggestion, I found a re-frame template.

Still open questions on good editor experiences while using the template. I wonder how smooth the experience in VS Code is since I am already familiar with that. I've also used SublimeText before, but just for simple text editing.

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Danilo Verde

VS Code is my main for anything else but clojurescript.
I advise you to go with Cursive, it had a blast. Please it's no more than 15 minutes and you'll fell at home.