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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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Dave • Edited

This is just my musings on the topic, and I'm not employed by Dev, but they are free to "steal" anything they choose (including nothing) from the below:

I too have seen the problem, and I'll throw the "other language" posts (i.e., non English) into the mix. I speak/read a few languages easily, and can happily skip over the ones that are written in languages I don't understand - though it'd be nice to have a toggle in my profile for "I want to see articles in English, German, Spanish, Italian... etc."

I think that Dev would seriously benefit from a similar (though not too similar) moderation system as StackOverflow. Give technical users the ability to review other peoples posts - hell, let me edit someone else's post with the strict rule of "I only ever improve the content, original authors can veto changes and if they do, I lose the ability to edit posts" - and count me in for making the world a better place.

Obviously that comes with a myriad of headaches for the Community Managers over at Dev, but with enough of us regular users with the same outlook on life, we should - at least in theory - make the life of a Community Manager easier.

Maybe some kind of voting system to flag for review, say, some number of users have to flag this post before the review ability opens. Only users that have volunteered to act as reviewers for certain tags can review, and an enough veto's against your edits remove your ability to review/edit.

But equally, maybe my head is in the clouds and that's not an appropriate way to proceed - again, Dev don't pay my bills, their choice in how they protect the value of the platform.

Oh, also, let more educated users "score" posts, and give everyone the ability to choose to only see things "above a certain average score" so that people that don't want to edit things, simply don't see "lower quality" posts.

Caveat there, the minimum score threshold should obviously not be taken into account if only 1 person has scored a post, and probably, if some insufficient number of people have given a score, everyone should be able to see it anyway (so all see new posts).