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Discussion on: Let’s Develop an E-Commerce Application from Scratch Using Java and Spring

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I won't lie, I came to the post because I'm experienced enough in Spring etc, but was curious about the use of Vue. I was a little disappointed but to see any, but it was a long post.

I also dislike external links.

Still a decent article though.

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Nil Madhab Author

It will come in next articles. I have to copy it in

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Put the #vue tag in that future post, then. Tags should be about the actual content of the post, not the "planned" or "future" content.

Think it this way: Every time you "lure" someone interested in a vue article here, just to find a "see you in the next article" instead of actual Vue content, it's annoying for them.

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Shahul Hameed M Y

You're right, that's the exact reason i came here to take a peek of vue