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Discussion on: Setup TailwindCSS in Angular the easy way

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Do you understand that for Ionic 5 the installation would be the same?
I follow this tutorial but it seems somewhat extensive...

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Pato Author

I have not tried it. If you follow mine that is shorter let me know if it works with Ionic. I will credit you on the article

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Yes it worked for me, but partially. For example, I had to do the imports from the file global.scss

/* Tailwind files */
@import "tailwindcss/base";
@import "tailwindcss/components";
@import "tailwindcss/utilities";
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And in the file tailwind.config.js, add the following colors in the property theme, being this way:

    theme: {
        extend: {},
        colors: {
            primary: {
                default: 'var(--ion-color-primary)',
                shade: 'var(--ion-color-primary-shade)',
                tint: 'var(--ion-color-primary-tint)',
            secondary: {
                default: 'var(--ion-color-secondary)',
                shade: 'var(--ion-color-secondary-shade)',
                tint: 'var(--ion-color-secondary-tint)',
            tertiary: {
                default: 'var(--ion-color-tertiary)',
                shade: 'var(--ion-color-tertiary-shade)',
                tint: 'var(--ion-color-tertiary-tint)',
            light: {
                default: 'var(--ion-color-light)',
                shade: 'var(--ion-color-light-shade)',
                tint: 'var(--ion-color-light-tint)',
            medium: {
                default: 'var(--ion-color-medium)',
                shade: 'var(--ion-color-medium-shade)',
                tint: 'var(--ion-color-medium-tint)',
            dark: {
                default: 'var(--ion-color-dark)',
                shade: 'var(--ion-color-dark-shade)',
                tint: 'var(--ion-color-dark-tint)',
            success: {
                default: 'var(--ion-color-success)',
                shade: 'var(--ion-color-success-shade)',
                tint: 'var(--ion-color-success-tint)',
            warning: {
                default: 'var(--ion-color-warning)',
                shade: 'var(--ion-color-warning-shade)',
                tint: 'var(--ion-color-warning-tint)',
            danger: {
                default: 'var(--ion-color-danger)',
                shade: 'var(--ion-color-danger-shade)',
                tint: 'var(--ion-color-danger-tint)',
            step: {
                '50': 'var(--ion-color-step-50)',
                '100': 'var(--ion-color-step-100)',
                '150': 'var(--ion-color-step-150)',
                '200': 'var(--ion-color-step-200)',
                '250': 'var(--ion-color-step-250)',
                '300': 'var(--ion-color-step-300)',
                '350': 'var(--ion-color-step-350)',
                '400': 'var(--ion-color-step-400)',
                '450': 'var(--ion-color-step-450)',
                '500': 'var(--ion-color-step-500)',
                '550': 'var(--ion-color-step-550)',
                '600': 'var(--ion-color-step-600)',
                '650': 'var(--ion-color-step-650)',
                '700': 'var(--ion-color-step-700)',
                '750': 'var(--ion-color-step-750)',
                '800': 'var(--ion-color-step-800)',
                '850': 'var(--ion-color-step-850)',
                '900': 'var(--ion-color-step-900)',
                '950': 'var(--ion-color-step-950)',
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What remains for me is to be able to compile the CSS so that only the classes used use me, for now the utilities are imported completely :/

But it is an advance hehe!

If you want to see the complete code with Tailwind integrated in Angular 11.2 + Ionic 5, here is a baseline maintained by the Ionic Dominicana community 🥰:

Thank you for this article, dear.