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Hi Brendon,

It's me again. I haven't taken the leap into the web dev with DevMountain just yet. I hope all is well. I wanted to check in to see how things were since we last chatted on here. When you meet online with DevMountain, is it really live lecture or are you just reviewing a recorded video and have access to the mentors from 6pm - 9pm. How's the interaction with the rest of the class? Are you on Slack Channel?



Sorry for the late reply! Hope you had a good holiday.

As far as the class goes it's a live lecture that you can ask questions or have them slow down if needed, we used for the video and audio and also had a slack to keep a archive of questions and answers. They also record every class so if you miss it or need to review you can at any time! The class I was in was great everyone got along and were always there to help out.

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