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Discussion on: Newbie to Full-Stack Developer with The Odin Project

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Abdullah Al Noor Nobi

HI! I hope you are doing well and reaching your goals. I paused TOP too because it seems too much comprehensive for me at the moment. I am trying to learn from Colt's course from Udemy. However, I want to get back to TOP as soon as possible.
By the way, how is Jonas JS course? Would you recommend it for beginner?

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Sharon Lau

Hi! I'm also a beginner and trying to pick a course on web development. My top two choices are TOP and Colt's course. Any suggestions or comments on these two? Thanks!

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As per my experience, if you want to start with web development fast while learning things in deep, not scrathing things, I would recommened.

Take a dedicated course of Javascript by Jonas Schmadtmann (Udemy), instead of all in one web developement course.

You can skip the last forkify project but complete all sections till OOP. This course alone will build your confidence, and you can start working with any JS framework like React, Vue, Svelete etc but don't do it.

Instead, make some HTML/CSS projects with JS (learn from HTML/CSS from TOP module), and also watch some tutorials on flexbox/cssgrid on you tube, and do some codealong projects with them.

Code daily, take all Jonas challenges in his course, repeat, and come back later to some topics again.

Then after 3-4 months of continuos learning, you can go furthur and learn JS framework, and if you choose React, then check React course by Codevolution in Youtube, follow his complete playlist, and do some project based React courses by CodingAddict youtube channel.

PS: I shared my experience

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Sharon Lau

Hi Rahul, thanks a lot for sharing your experience! Happy for you to figure out a good path to gain a firm grasp on web development on your self-taught journeyπŸ‘. May I ask about the approximate number of hours you've spent during the 3-4 months of learning JS fundamentals? As I would very much like to check out the JavaScript course you've recommended.