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Discussion on: Reflecting on a week off from the internet

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Abe Dolinger

My big problem was scrolling in bed at night and in the morning. I'm on Android as well and found a freemium app called AppBlock (!) that has changed this for me. I block Chrome, Twitter, LinkedIn, and yes, Dev, from 9pm to 10am. I'm definitely seeing improvement in falling asleep & quality of sleep, ease of getting out of bed in the morning, motivation to stretch & meditate in the morning, etc.

My first instinct was to cut data out on a schedule like you, but the solutions I found were a bit convoluted. If you are able to isolate your problem usage to a time of day and a few apps, this might work well for you too.

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Emma Goto 🍙 Author

Thanks for the recommendation! I might give that one a go