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re: In my opinion these tests are not an accurate representation of a coder's abilities, however I think coders should learn this, and get good at it. ...

What's perplexing is when companies have you do multiple timed coding exercises, remotely. (I'm looking at you, Uber.) This is grade-school-style regurgitation of algorithms, not a window into process.

I agree with you that they're great for stretching your abilities, learning new patterns, and becoming a better coder. I've gotten better from them for sure, and have a long ways to go yet. But whether they're a good assessment depends on how they're administered.


Exactly, I shy away from the "they failed the test they suck" way of thinking. I've worked with many developers who under pressure with a whiteboard can't produce squat, but sitting in front of their machine coding can work miracles. It simply isn't a great go/no go indicator for someone's true skills.

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