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re: I'm creating a PHP/JS application that checks your Spotify Playlist for tracks that are not available in this form anymore but actually still are (...

I haven't dug into the code for your repo at all yet, but would it be overly difficult to do something like this with Soundcloud? I personally have used Soundcloud and Spotify in tandem for various artists or sub-genres I'm a fan of, but a lot of Soundcloud music can vanish from the account you originally found it on so it's upsetting when you look for a song you know you had saved at some point, but it's no longer in your playlist.


Here's how my software works:

  1. The user logs in to Spotify via my app
  2. The user selects a playlist displayed (fetched with the spotify API)
  3. The software looks for any "local tracks" in that playlist (those are tracks that are not available any more, just a different name) - the tracklist is fetched using the Spotify API
  4. The software searches via the Spotify API for songs that match the pattern "artist title" and displays those.
  5. The user selects the songs that shall replace the unavailable songs
  6. The software creates a new playlist and adds the replacement songs (all done via the Spotify API)

So as you can see, the software heavily relies on the Spotify API. If the soundcloud API offers the same features AND a test run where you take one of the greyed out/unavailable songs and search for it with the soundcloud search actually shows usable results then: yes a similar software for soundcloud can be created.

I'm honestly not too sure how fleshed out the SoundCloud API is, but I'll take a look and see how difficult it would be to add this. Thanks for the awesome reply 😊

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