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Discussion on: On your markdown, hypertext, now!

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Devin W. Leaman • Edited on

Markdown does have support for tables though, no?

I would love to be able to align images easier though, but for the time being, I just use an img tag and a css class that aligns it wherever I want. Granted, this doesn't mesh with OP's goal of portability since it's not pure Markdown and does require css classes and such for alignment.

EDIT: As I read further into the link I shared I realized tables are an extended syntax and not necessarily in all flavors of Markdown, so I guess you're right.

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Wei Ji Author

This post was meant to establish a baseline for blogging with pure text, but yes, I definitely feel the pain of wanting to do something more like adding images, tables, or even audio! Besides storing it in a Data URI, I can't say I have a foolproof portable solution yet :)

Markdown does allow you to write in pure html, and I guess some basic CSS for centering images won't hurt. I've deliberately gone towards one extreme (minimalist) end in the above post. Most people will lie somewhere in between this barebones extreme and an overly flash site. It basically comes down to what you value more, portable content or cool looks.

From an accessibility point of view, and speaking for a longer term (>1 year) perspective, I've also learnt how having a descriptive alt-text is important. If your can't see or hear your table/image/audio anymore, having a one-line descriptive alt-text for your tables/images/audio is a life saver! It provides the necessary context for you and your reader. Again, just stuff you have to learn the hard way.