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Discussion on: Sanity Tip For JavaScript Devs: Learn to Run Asynchronous Functions in

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Mark Voorberg

Why not just use an old-school for-loop? Easy-peasy, problem solved and my promises resolve in the order I call them; unlike Promise.all()...

Genuinely asking.

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Mohammadjavad Raadi Author

I'm not sure if you're asking why use map over for-loops but if you are, checkout out this post. You can scroll down to the "Benefits of map over for loops" section.
I use Promise.all when the order of my async functions to be resolved is not important but I need them all to be resolved before I can go on.

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Stephen Chiang

One use case for getting a promise back is if you are uploading a bunch of files and you want to check if any of them failed and do some operation to either auto try that specific one or help the user figure out which one failed.