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I think that too clean would be better expressed as overengineered.

On the other hand, I just wanted to point that, while your living-room is something static and you know that you can tiddy it up in a Saturday morning because you did it in the past, a source code is always expanding and new features are built on top of the old ones.

Each little act of complacency, each "I will fix this later", can be amplified 100 times when a new developer takes over your code to add a new feature and, instead of spending the time to understand and fix it, just hacks his implementation to go around your bad abstraction.

Tecnical debt is a reality in every single source code, but interests can be high, and technical bankrupcy is something as real as financial bankrupcy.

Just be careful.


I agree, I think that building too clean is a big part part of over-engineering. While I don't think they are exactly the same, they are for a big part, but there are levels that clean code does not influence. Think of infrastructure and architecture level. Which are things that are quite easy to over-engineer. Nevertheless I completely agree with your vision and call for carefulness.

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