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Discussion on: How to avoid flow zone — a false sense of hyper-productivity

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Elliot Nelson

I have to admit, I totally disagree with the premise here. Uncle Bob is not always right, and this is a prime example.

Flow zone (or flow state) is a highly desirable state of focus on a problem, and you can accomplish quite a bit in just a couple hours of uninterrupted flow.

Anyone of any level of experience can be guilty of "bikeshedding" or "ratholing" (deep diving into a problem that is largely unimportant). But that doesn't really have anything to do with flow state, in my experience.

If you've had negative outcomes getting into the zone and want to avoid it, I won't second guess your own personal experiences - but don't take Bob's word for it!

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poudyal_rabin Author

cool. thanks, Elliot for sharing your opinion about the zone.

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Lucas André

I agree with you.

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