What's a lesson that you can only learn through experience?

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Maybe this is just a way I rationalize all the mistakes I've made, but I truly think there are certain lessons in life that you can't really learn from others, you just have to experience a hurdle yourself to understand how to avoid it in the future.

What are some lessons like this in programming/tech?

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Personally, I keep having more and more "aha!" moments around maintainability, as I gain exposur to long-running code bases, and how they evolve. How, in some places, layers are added upon layers to taper over old design decisions.

Also the design of a public API is incredibly important, because unless your users are likely to keep up with new versions of your software, you can only make backwards compatible changes.


For me, a lot of the SOLID rules were hard won, and writing code for future me to debug. Good logging/tracing, you only get right after the Heisenbug in production!

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