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Discussion on: Angular 8 and IE 11

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Jay Vincent • Edited

Hi Paula :) Thanks for the article, very timely as I've been upgrading an Angular 5 application to Angular 8 today!

My understanding is that if you leave the target as es2015, Angular 8 will produce two builds, one for modern es2015 browsers and one for older es5 browsers. It then uses differential loading to deliver the es5 build only to legacy browsers that need it. The es5 build will include the core-js polyfills by default.

I haven't tested this but I assume (always dangerous to assume..!) that changing the tsconfig target property to es5 will disable differential loading and bundle all es5 polyfills into a single build, to be downloaded by all browsers regardless of capability.

I've been reading about here ->

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Paula Penedo (she/her) Author

I thought the same when developing the app, but from my experience, that wasn't working as expected. Maybe it's something on my app, but when I tried to run it on IE 11 using browserstack, I would always get an error.

Hope you have a better experience than I had. And good luck with the upgrade!

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Jay Vincent

Hmmm. Ok, that is good to know - I won't skip the practical browser testing then!

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I made my app run in IE 11 without changing the target:
I did everything above except for changing the target in tsConfig.json
however, I also installed and decommented web-animations-js in polyfill.ts:
import 'web-animations-js'; // Run npm install --save web-animations-js.

I believe this part is missing from the article