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Discussion on: Shellscripting: Conditional Execution

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Jack t Ripper

I make it a practice to always use echo and double quotes so that everything inside is resolved like the variables and maybe it is overkill but it is due to habit and also errors that I have seen that come up not using that way in various enviornments

And again putting the
if command;

May lead to again problems with variables and escaping of escapable characters.

Escaping and variables plus nested commands is why I do both practices,.

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Martin Schwarzer

It's not just overkill, it's useless, and it might have some nasty side effects, too. Here's some more explanation:

If you're having trouble with your variables and escaping characters, you could always fun it in a sub shell and use that error code in the if construct. You're making it overly complicated, and prone to errors.

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Jack t Ripper • Edited on

Idk why everyone has to argue shit on the internet, your own citations says that using echo has its places, and I use what works for me... Not making it complicated just making something that I know works... Just because there is something that also works doesn't make how mine worked wrong...