Discussion on: What is the Minimum Skillset for Junior Frontend Devs?

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Alex Edwards

As a newbie to the industry, giving my two cents I'd question a front-end dev role requiring how the web works and frameworks. Everything you've listed goes under tooling for me. HTML/CSS/JS are simply languages, Git is a method of tracing work, and Security / Accessibility are a must to consider when an End-User is trying to use your product. A Front-End importantly needs the skillset of what the user is needing and the empathy to understand why.

For example, recently I've moved away from a hamburger menu in my own site to a more native feeling bottom-bar approach because mobile users are bottom-bar navigators. My menu was short enough to transition to an approach where the main navigation should be in thumbs-reach at all times. If not, I can always add a vertical ellipsis / hamburger on the left or right (depending on country/culture) for further navigation options.

I actually love working with accessibility because it's concrete standards.

An Engineer should understand the deeper learning of how things work, however any developer or engineer first needs the fundamental skillset of problem solving in a way that suits the role presented.

Personally I've not landed a role in web dev just yet, I've love to work in Front-end, but I've learnt Full-stack JS for what Peyton mentioned; adding in other tools, languages, and how your own work is implemented is integral to understanding how your own work impacts on a project or for other members of a team. Combined, they're presented to the user who should hopefully be able to navigate their way with ease to what they're wanting to attain.