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re: Nice list, Patrick. If there was room for one more thing on your list I would vote for automating your rules with some kind of static analysis too...

Thank you, Blaine!

There are several tools that can help you writing readable code. ReSharper and the integrated StyleCop are tools we use in our team. For instance, it reminds you of proper naming or even using simpler code sometimes.

But the KISS thing is something you learn with experience I think. You can even do it completely by yourself. Look at code you wrote weeks ago. If you still understand it in a minute, it might be good code. Too often we write complicated algorithms that seem pretty clever but are so hard to understand that you don't know what your past self actually did there.

However, regarding KISS you have to be careful with ReSharper. Sometimes it wants to replace your for-loop with a "clever" LINQ statement, but as mentioned above, this replacement can lead to unreadable code.

Hope this helps! :)

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