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re: Great post. I recommend the "7 minute workout", it's scientifically proven to help. I did a version of it for about two months, before moving t...

Thanks! :)

I had the 7 minute workout as an app on my smartphone. It's definitely worth a try! I'm curious who this sixty year old is. Sounds amazing. And I think this shows once again that consistency and patience are the keys to great results.


His name is Craig Good, I've been following him for years in quora (all his answers/posts are health related and he writes in such a way that you'd know he's not just bragging).

It seems I've miss quoted him :)

Now I’m nearly 62 and can, for the first time in my life, do 45 pushups in 30 seconds. My reps are up across the board. While this is anecdotal, there’s nothing else in my lifestyle that can credibly explain the difference. quoted from here

He's talking about HIIT which the 7 minute app is a version of it.

After writing my comment here I tried to do by version of HIIT workout that I used to do some time back and I could not finish it! Something that I used to do twice. So yes practice is key.

At the moment I'm very "out going" meaning very into running and going into nature but knowing that there are such "tools" that I can do in any cubical life might throw me in, makes me very excited about the fact that unless I just don't want to, there's always a way to take care of yourself

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