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re: My biggest sartorial struggle is not to either dress like an "old guy" (well, because I am an old guy) or trying to look like I'm younger and not p...

Well, maybe you can replace "old" by "experienced"? In my opinion - although I know it sounds cheesy - you are or look as old as you feel.

And the thing about ties... I have to admit that I kinda like wearing ties lately. I don't wear them in the office, but there have been some occasions lately where I tried them and somehow they made me feel mentally stronger. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's just the feeling of looking stylish?


The granddad look just kind of creeps up on you. It's scary how it happens. One day you're wearing skinny jeans and a cool t-shirt and the next you're wearing comfortable 'Sansbelt' slacks and a sweater vest.

I will say that losing 80 pounds in the past year has help me dress better (and feel better).

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