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re: Very nice article. I've tried to use the Pomodoro technique but I had a lot of problems with self-discipline so I abandon the idea at least for no...

Hi Rafal,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I know exactly what you mean regarding the headphones. Indeed, it happens that people want to talk to me and I don't hear them. But they know what's going on. So they are waving their hands, send a short message via Slack or just call me several times. So the collaboration still works.

Apart from that, when I want to stay in the zone, I just keep my headphones on when someone from other departments is entering our office. You just do that a several times and they eventually learn what this means.

But, you are absolutely right, you don't have to listen to music all day long. So there's enough time to work together and help out each other.

It's just for the hours when you really want to get to work and try to not get distracted.

Take care,

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