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Here's my desk at work.

A 21" iMac which I primarily use for the web, a vertical 21" monitor that i use for my IDE, another 21" monitor which I use for for various different things such as tool windows/ iOS/Android emulators / Datagrip. My new Keychron K1 (an amazing low profile mechanical keyboard I backed on Kickstarter), a notebook to jot down ideas/project notes and a whiteboard to draw diagrams.

My favourite thing on my desk has to be the Sansevieria. A low maintenance plant that adds some colour to the desk, besides the orange plastered all over the office, and supposedly improves the air quality with the negative ions it gives off.

Quite a busy desk but like Tom mentioned it's heaven with the extra screen real estate. The additional productivity gained from the extra screens is incredible. I couldn't imagine going back to a single screen.

Edit: Forgot to mention my blue light blocking glasses. It's like turning on the night mode on your phone. The verdict isn't out yet on how much they prevent eye strain but a nice preventive measure since as developers we spend the entire day staring at screens. A plus point is I look quite good in them 😅.

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