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Discussion on: JavaScript Developer Losing Track of ... !

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Aaron Reese

We all feel like that at one point it another so don't feel alone. Part if it could be burnout. There are loads of great articles and podcasts about developer burnout. Check, CodingBlocks and Complete Developer podcast for great episodes on how to recognise the symptoms and solutions. Burnout is one form of stress and you may have discovered that not having enough work is just as stressful as having too much. I would suggest trying something completely different; learn to sing/dance/juggle, just something away from a screen. You have lost the passion because you didn't not see a problem to solve. When you do the passion will come back. Mental health is a real problem for developers, so you must treat it as such. Contact your local support group and have a chat. You are not wasting their time; they would rather do early intervention that full psychiatric rebuild because you were too embarrassed to talk.
Thoughts with you and everyone else feeling the isolation and lack of motivation with Covid 19