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Discussion on: Navigating the Spooky World of JavaScript

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Aaron Mead

Thanks for the post, some great info here. The "You don't need to know everything" part was a great reminder to me even having done JS work for 6+ years now.

One of the other things that comes to mind is focusing on one piece of the stack at a time, as you kind of mentioned in depth over breadth. I know I struggled when I was learning some of the JS frameworks because I didn't understand if my issue was with the JS itself, with the Angular code, the node.js back end, or the Mongoose/Mongo database commands, etc. Most apps don't need entire frameworks (or even front + back ends), so start with just some plain Javascript and HTML and then add to it from there.

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Ali Spittel Author

Yeah totally -- I remember Googling things like "image upload React Django" back in the day, but really I needed to handle that processing separately on both ends! I'm so pro-API back-end w/ totally disconnected front-end at this point for beginners for similar reasoning. Test both separately!

I also use the JAM-stack for a lot of my personal apps, so no real back-ends, and I love it.