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Discussion on: My Experiences in a Coding Bootcamp for 2 Months

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The usefulness of the coding bootcamp is all dependent on the instructors from what I have experienced. They will try to cover all the concepts without going into much depth many of the times. Some of them are really good, they teach you the basic concepts really nicely which enables you to learn anything on your own.

Also you said in your post that you kept jumping from framework to framework. Don't do this. Research the market in your country using Job Listing sites and Developer Surveys, that is Indonesia in this case, then stick with the one that you like and also will provide some good $$$$$. :-)

Whatever bootcamps or courses you attend, at the end it will all boil down to how much hard you are willing to work. Keep working. After, you get a nice grasp on fullstack-development, try to study from some computer science textbooks about software architecture and design as you don't have a educational background in Computer Science. Development is all okay and good, but to really climb the ladder, you need to be good with some theory and design level stuff as well.