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Discussion on: Open Source in Everyday Life

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AbcSxyZ • Edited on

Open source is everywhere :) 90% of the cloud, 85% of mobile phone, in space, adopted more and more by countries wordwide... It's viral !

Great article, nice to see your interest in open source. I read you're interested in writing about open source, I'm too. Are you doing it related to the Hacktoberfest or not necessarily ?

Personally, I'm doing a project for this Hacktoberfest called Open Source Education, if you want to take a look, we may interesting discussions :)

My article about the same topic :p :

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Anish De Author

I wanted to get the word about how open-source makes a big part of our life. I didn't mention anything about hacktoberfest but yes, it was a part of encouraging people to participate in hacktoberfest.