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Discussion on: Juniors and overtime

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Abdullah Di'bas • Edited

Personally I don't work overtime unless it's for something urgent , and this must not be frequent. Sometimes I like to work on ideas I have for my company that I'm passionate about and not part of ongoing tasks.
Working for extra hours is very common thing in software development. While you always have new clients' requests, bugs to fix, documents to made, or code to refactor, sometimes you feel forced to work for overtime either by your employer or by yourself. My advice for anyone feels forced by his\her employer to work for extra hours and very frequently that this isn't the right place to work for because there's something more wrong about the management and the company itself. Don't work for many extra hours and don't let yourself hates your job, just try to be more productive in your official working hours.
Don't lose your personal success while trying to achieve your professional one.

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Skyler Author

I really appreciate your answer, you do mention cons and pros which are both very valid! Thanks for sharing :)