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re: I think it's OK to find a reasonable solution that doesn't annoy your userbase or break your dev-team, even if it's not dream no-noticeable-downtim...

Another thing you can do to have no down time w/your db is version your schemes somehow and store this value in your db. Then in your code wrap new features using feature flags. Part of the flag logic is the whether the switch is on or off and part of the switch logic is what version is the db at. And based on those values your code would route to new or old code hitting new or old sql calls. It does add complexity and debt as you are now using feature flags and you will need to religiously clean up your flags or things can spiral out of control. However, that’s a small price to pay in terms of the benefits you get like the speed at which you can deploy new changes, not worrying about what order to deploy your micro services and dbs and ease of rolling features in and out. And, zero down time. Another added benefit of using flags is now you can do trunk based development which simplified things tremendously over complex branching schemes but that’s a whole nother topic.

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