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Well, I would like to add my thoughts here.

I started trying out WSL immediately after it was released. I remember getting excited about hearing Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10.
I used it for basic necessities and for basic software development with it only. I remember that slowly, I completely switched my development environment to Bash on Ubuntu. It was a great tool for software development. The only thing what irked me about WSL was how slow it was. I remember it took me a few minutes to git clone a project which just took seconds on an Ubuntu machine.

But overall, I loved the beautiful UI and UX of Windows 10 and the Shell of Ubuntu together. ♥️

And in the end, WSL came really handy while I was working as a student developer at GitHub (GSoC).

I am currently on OS X, so, sadly no WSL for me now. But I have been following WSL and WSL2 and the progress that it is making on Twitter.

Microsoft, @richturn_ms and his Team are working and improving this product really great, and I hope I will try WSL2 really soon.

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